Wednesday, April 30, 2008

== April 30 == Internim Report

Well this has been an interesting week. After lots of pain trying to get stuff running on cygwin, I made the switch to linux. The timing couldn't have been better; I just caught the new Ubuntu release as it was rolling out of the factory.

Spent several days I've been struggling configuring it and getting used to the new environment (I use linux at the university, just never had to install or configure anything there!), But finally I got the hang of it.

So far, I have set up the following:
-Java SDK
-Eclipse IDE (will do the development on it)
+ all the necessary packeges and tools needed to run the above.

I believe these are all the necessary tools needed to proceed with development and testing.

The next stage will be to start a git repository for the project, and figure out libtpproto-java (see what's there and what's missing on the 'low-level' client-server communication).

Afterwards I'll start work on completing any unfinished 'low-level' components in the libtpproto-java. Finally, to finish the initial stage of preparations, I'll develop a test-harness for the client. All of this should take an approximated 2-2.5 weeks.

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