Thursday, May 15, 2008

== May 15 == Seeing some progress :)

This week has been pretty productive for me, as I feel that I'm on my way to making a functional client using libtpproto-java.

There have been a couple of setbacks... first, I accidentally received a bone-deep gash last Friday, while trying to jump on an especially high boulder. Fun times. Now I'm stuck with a limp (and some general discomfort) for god knows how long... But hey, on the bright side I cancelled a 3-day wilderness trip due to the injury, and will spend most of the weekend on the project instead. The second setback happened when all of a sudden I couldn't log into the remote git server. I spent the whole day trying to fix the problem (even posted it on the ubuntu forum), then the next morning I get the word that the problem is global, and that I simply need to generate a new key. Done!

On the positive side, I have produced some code towards making a functional client. It is still very much in the prototype stage, but I believe that the basics shouldn't change much. You can find the latest git push in the repo.

Looking forward to getting the client nailed... hope it happens sooner than later, so that I can start work on the AI bot! (My personal deadline for finishing the client is May 26. Testing will follow).


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