Monday, May 26, 2008

== May 26 == Official Start?

Official start? Don't know about other programmers (can't say I'm the most experienced of the lot), or other projects (maybe it is just pretty hefty relative to others), but if I were to only start coding just now, I'd be in a big pile o'something right now, trying to figure out how to minimize my losses.

Can't say I'm 100% satisfied with the progress so far, either. What I have is a semi-functional client in working condition, which still cannot do most things I need it to do. Hopefully, by the end of the week I'll finish the bulk of the client (and the peripheral support stuff), so that I can test it, and start on the AI part.

This past week I have enhanced the functionality of the client a great deal; it can now connect to server both on autologin, and manual login mode, and I believe that it's internal architecture has reached a rather stable state. I have also implemented a helper logger of connection events, which I believe will come in handy both for the inner working of the client (or any other client, for that matter), as well as for debugging purposes.

The main challenge as of now, is in sending/receiving frames. I am confident that by the end of the week this hurdle will be behind me.

Till later.

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