Friday, June 13, 2008

== June 13 == Goals for midterm and other livestock.

This post will be divided into two parts: First of all, I'll be discussing my progress for the past week and some thoughts about the process in general. Then, I'll *officially* state my goals for the midterm evaluation, as formulated by me and my project's mentor, Kryzstof (aka Jezuch).

So, let's head off without further adieu to the "What I've been up to this week" rubric:

a) I finished the main chunk of work on client-functionality. It has demonstrated the ability to receive any and all kinds of data from the server. From now on, I'll be implementing stuff on a need-to basis, and concentrating on other things. I am considering a re-structuring of the contract of the client, but this will come later on, when it becomes more obvious how the system will operate as a whole.
*** This calls for a "whoo-hoo" ;)

b) I have decided to implement a "game-library". It will represent the game-world in a way that will be more straightforward for an AI to work with. I have almost finished work on it (perhaps a couple of days more). While this seems like a waste of time, I am actually saving myself a lot of hassle later on, since it's tailored to be more convenient to use, plus this way the AI player will stand independently of the client and of any protocol implementation.

c) I have finally gotten around to running games locally. My client successfully connects to, and interacts with the local server. Running local games will play a huge role in integration-testing, and in perfecting the robots.

Plans for next week: Finish implementing the "middleman" game-library. Make overall architecture better. Start work on AI. This will consist of two parts: First of all, it entails starting work on the robot itself. Also, I will begin working on a framework for building, and for testing different robots.

~~~ NOW FOR THE SECOND PART: My Goal for the midterm ~~~
Date for deadline: Friday, July 11, 08. This gives both me and Kryzstof some buffer zone, as the official deadline is on July 14.

As agreed by Kryzstof and me, (is it "and I"? hm... don't think so) a good "minimum" would be to have a basic, functional robot, which will implement the desired architecture for the final product. The robot will have an internal logic to it's actions, it will be able to manipulate its assets, and thus play the game (in a limited way). I will try my best to exceed this goal, and have an elaborate inner logic, and an evolutionary framework ready in time for the midterm as well.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for updates! B-)


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