Friday, June 6, 2008

== June 6 == Seeing the light (finally)

Finally, now I have what seems to be close to a basic, fully-functional client, which does what I need it to do (not fully, but I'm working on it!). Basically, it can now login in both autorun and user-input mode, and receive any and all kinds of info from the server. Plus, it has a few peripheral additions, which I have discussed previously.

This shouldn't have taken *this* long to achieve, but for me the learning curve was pretty steep, (especially in the beginning) due to the fact that the library I was dealing with (libtpproto-java) is pretty complex, and also because I needed to learn certain things (e.g. working with concurrency) before implementing them in my code.

But everything seems fine now, and I'm ready to move on to higher-level stuff. Next week I'll quickly finish up the remaining work on the client, and start working on processing the info, and extracting a "universe snapshot" from it. This shouldn't take too long by itself, so I'm also planning to create a threaded "pipeline manager", which will manage the connection to the server in a fast (and orderly) way. I can clearly see myself starting to work on the AI in 1.5-2 weeks from now... it's about time ;)


Victor Ivri (vi1985)
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