Friday, August 1, 2008

== August 1 ==

Hi all,

Well, I can say that all ~preparations~ to start coding for Risk are finished; the libraries are now nice and generic (framework is tested-working for RFTS), the ruleset is set up and working on my local server. Hell, even the protocol has been patched up for Risk recently (thanks, Kryzstof!). Now I've got two small, insignificant tasks ahead of me (namely, creating game-world representation for Risk, and making the actual AI logic...), and some two-plus weeks to do it. Sounds like a job for... never mind, I'll do it myself ;). And the best part is, I'm going white-water canoing until Monday (inclusive), and will start work only on Tuesday. But hey, I'll stock up on Redbulls and sugar-pills, and hack the remaining 2 weeks away, like they were... like they were one week! Well, wish me luck on the rapids (or, better yet, skill!), and I'll be with you again shortly ;).

Till later,


Victor Ivri (vi1985)
Blog address: BLOG
You can find the project in the git repo here: REPO

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