Tuesday, July 29, 2008

== July 29 == Risky Business!

There has been an unexpected turn of events last week, which significantly altered the nature and scope of the project. Long story very short, I've been asked to look into creating an AI for the Risk ruleset (currently under development by a fellow GSoCer), which I gladly accepted, due to the persistence of a nasty bug in RFTS (unable to utilize colonized planets), which refuses to get mended. So what I've decided to do, is leave all the support for RFTS in my client, and add to that libraries, which will represent the game-world of Risk, and play it.

This presented an unexpected challenge, and a sobering realization. I really did try to organize the project into logical units, which were "modular", and meaningfully connected to each other, but what I realized when beginning to make this whole thing more generic (to allow for more than one ruleset), is that the overall design was far from optimal. This required a substantial re-organization of the different classes and libraries, which I'm still in the process of finishing. This was a really interesting and even somewhat enlightening experience, one which made me re-think the way I normally do things. (Definitely more planning from now on!)

This process should not take more than an additional day or two, and from then on I'll have to start building logic and game-world representation into the Risk modules... did anyone say that the project's due on the 18th of August?


Victor Ivri (vi1985)
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